Travel Is… More Than 80 Years Strong

The Travel Goods Show: Where It All Started


What began as part of the National Recovery Act just after the Great Depression is today the Travel Goods Association. As businesses and companies fought to stay alive during the Depression, many industries joined together and began forming associations. And travel goods manufacturers were no different. Needing an organization to promote, inform, and connect their industry, the Luggage and Leather Goods Manufacturers of America (LLGMA) was formed in 1938.

Fast forward to today: More than 80 years onward, The Travel Goods Show continues to debut products that are now de rigeur—travel would be unimaginable without them. Take the Rollaboard®, which turned the traditional horizontal orientation vertical, added an extending handle, and voila! Today it’s impossible to imagine walking down that narrow aisle on a plane without one trailing right behind you or next to you.

Products aside, the success and longevity of The Travel Goods Show is also thanks in large part to the people who make it happen—those who contribute every day to the organization by attending The Show, working behind the scenes, innovating new products and so much more.

As TGA President Michele Marini Pittenger says, “…I fell in love with the industry—the constant evolution of products, but most of all, the people.”

As the organization continues on its path of growth and continual creative evolution, The Travel Goods Show remains the place to launch brands, create buzz for new products, and keep the industry rolling, because Travel Is…the past, present—and the future!