Keynote: The Social Selling Mindset: How a Little Shift Can Lead to Bigger Sales

This seminar is a must-attend if you want to learn how retailers are seeing success daily from social media. You’ll leave feeling re-energized and will know what strategies are working today to get more sales from social media. Crystal Vilkaitis will cover how to transform your social media and your store’s culture, identify what the social selling mindset is and why it’s critical to your success, unveil the importance of consistent and optimized local listings and how to easily get them done, and shed light on several retailer case studies who are successfully using social media to increase sales. Plus, Vilkaitis will share the exact 6-step training system used by retailers and their social media managers to increase profits, allowing attendees to walk away with strategic tools they can begin to apply to their own businesses right away!

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4, 12 Noon-1:00 P.M.