Why Attend The Travel Goods Show?


Whether you’re a buyer, a retailer, a manufacturer, or industry enthusiast who can’t wait to find out what the future of travel looks like, The Travel Goods Show is an absolute must-attend event!

The Show gives you that first-hand, industry insider glimpse into the latest travel gear and accessories. So don’t wait, register today, because Travel Is



Whether you’re a retailer or an industry pro, The Show gives you a sneak peek at innovative, state-of-the-industry debut products



Discover products that streamline not only the security line but everyday life, too



Get fresh perspectives on products that revolutionize form, function, design, and how your customers travel everyday



Whether it’s by plane, train, car or bus, The Show reveals all the cool new ways to make the journey as comfortable as possible



Meet, engage, and network with fellow travelers and industry professionals, who understand that the journey is wherever you’re going that day!



Find just the right tips and tools to make travel tailored and personalized for your clientele



And most of all, no matter who your customers are or where they’re headed, travel should always be fun

ALL NEW for 2019

The Travel Goods Show RETAIL LAB

Whether you sell online, offline or both, the RETAIL LAB Educational Sessions at The Travel Goods Show offers a valuable opportunity to learn real-time insights you can apply directly to your business.


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