Keynote: The Path to Purchase: Understanding Realities, Resources & Revenue Opportunities Based on How Consumers Decide to Spend

As commerce evolves, so do the ways in which consumers navigate their paths to purchase. This featured session will explore how customers truly identify where they want to shop, why they want to spend and what ultimately leads them to making a purchase – whether it’s to participate in an experience or to purchase a tangible item. 

To help travel retail professionals better understand their customer’s journeys, this session will kick off with an overview of consumers across the generations and what each of their preferred paths to purchase tend to be. Attendees can expect to gain insight on what touchpoints customers have during their paths to purchase, as well as gain clarity on the latest retail technologies within the retail space that can benefit their businesses. Plus, attendees can expect to gain insight on how and why certain touch points can help their businesses gain stronger success, including increased revenue. 

This eye-opening session will reveal the realities of how data, customer-centric experiences, internal business operations and external influences all impact customer purchases while shedding light on what can truly help optimize their retail operations in an effort to build more profitable businesses. 

Delivered by author, Retail Minded founder, Small Business Saturday spokesperson and contributor Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, this session will uncover realistic understandings of how consumers truly navigate their purchase decisions despite roadblocks and unexpected twists and turns that may get in their way. Attendees can expect to feel confident and gain clarity about the realities of consumer experiences after this featured session from Reyhle.

Thursday, March 5, 12 Noon–1:00 P.M.