Get to the HUB, the Newest Hot Spot in Travel Goods

The HUB is the conduit for travel goods’ must-know manufacturers, buyers, colleagues and media. Created by the Travel Goods Association, the HUB is the digital gathering place for the travel goods industry.

Buyers will flock to the HUB to find the newest ‘it’ products. The HUB is easy-to-navigate; filterable by product categories and immediate access to wholesale information.

More valuable than any ad, manufacturers will showcase products on individual, unique pages to gain direct access to buyers.

The HUB is your direct connection to everyone you need to know to gain a competitive edge in the travel goods industry.
The HUB is your new one-stop solution.

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Buyers and Media

The HUB will launch on March 1.

Registration will begin February 1. Want a reminder? Subscribe below.